Welcome, friends, to the Chulick Funeral Home website. We are a family-run establishment, serving St. Louis and the surrounding region since 1916. We pride ourselves on professional caring service to you and yours at the end of life, providing a wide variety of personalized funeral, cremation and memorial services. We care for you and yours as if you were family.

That’s our guarantee to you, and we stand by our word to make it so.

Services Include:

Traditional Funeral Service – Visitation at our funeral home, funeral service and burial.

Direct Cremation – Moving decedent from the place of death to a crematory without visitation or viewing.

Anatomical Donation – Moving the decedent to a medical research facility without visitation or viewing.

Immediate Burial – Moving decedent from place of death to a cemetery for burial without visitation or viewing.

Memorial Service – Use of our funeral home without the presence of the decedent.

For the above services, in addition to direction of the funeral service when appropriate, we will provide, as needed, help with:

Death certificates, other documents, arranging for burial, entombment, cremation, obituaries, religious, military, veteran or other services, collection of life insurance proceeds, flowers, memorial cards, visitation in a church or other location away from our funeral home, transportation of decedent to a distant funeral home or cemetery, receipt of decedent from a distant funeral home.

In case of a death, requiring immediate attention, please telephone Chulick Funeral Home:  (314) 351-0060. The telephone is answered 24/7 for your peace of mind.

You can designate and authorize a particular person to carry out your wishes as to the final disposition of your body to exercise your right of sepulcher. We will be happy to make those arrangements on a pre-need basis.

5611 S. Grand Blvd.
St.Louis, MO 63111
(314) 351-0060
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