Chulick Funeral Home began in 1916 by Alexander Chulick in the City of St. Louis in the vicinity of 7th Street and Victor. The funeral home was relocated to other venues in its early days, including at least one on Mississippi Street near Lafayette Park.

Upon Alexander’s death in 1922, the business was continued by his widow, Eva Chulick assisted by her children as they grew up. By 1950 the funeral home was located at 1722 S. Jefferson Avenue, contained the famous basement rathskeller, and was operated by eldest son, Pete Chulick.

Around 1970 the building of Interstate Highway 44 forced another relocation of the funeral home. In 1972, Chulick Funeral Home opened at its present location– 5611 S. Grand Blvd., in beautiful South St. Louis.

Currently Chulick Funeral Home is managed by Peter Chulick.